Losander Needs Our Help

Straight from Dirk Losander himself:

I Need Your Help. Our little baby “Ione” was born 6 days ago. Today we found out she needs a heart operation and our insurance is not going to pay for it. I am not writing you this to beg for money but if you need to buy something from my website now would be the time to help us out. Every Dollar counts and we really need all the support we can find right now! So if you feel like supporting this cause, go to my website and find your self some great magic and make this operation happen for us. www.losander.com

Even if you are a non magician, we just came out with a new dvd “Las Vegas Greatest Magicians” teaches you easy to learn magic. You can find it right here
or if you just want to donate some money for us please send it via pay pal to losander@mac.com or just keep us in your prayers. Thank you so much for your support.

Dirk Losander
9850 S. Maryland Pkwy Suite A5#190
Las Vegas NV 89123
702 501-9973