Jack Parker Video Marathon

Tomorrow marks a year ago on the 30th June 2007 that Jack Parker passed away. To celebrate his magic Andi Gladwin is running a week long Jack Parker Video Marathon. Every day he will share a video of Jack’s magic including videos of tricks that Jack only shared with two or three magicians.

Andi’s blog post tells you more and the video’s can be found here, with a great one to start the series:

Jack Parker Video Marathon.

I’ve seen some of these when Jack initially posted them to TSD but am still really looking forward to re-watching them, I remember at The Session Andi played a couple that I hadn’t seen in a while, and all over again I got that feeling of being totally fried and fooled with Jack’s magic, you too can have that feeling of being a layman again, by heading over to the Jack Parker Video Marathon for the next week!