Ace of Hearts – Meaning

A magic trick without meaning is a puzzle.  The same is true for most things in life, which is fine if you’re looking for a puzzle but most of us want amazing not confusing.   At the heart of everything you do there should be meaning.

Pete Wardell has started a side-project from his Magic State of Mind interview podcasts, he is posting once a week on one of the 4 key elements that make up a successful career as a performer. Subscribe and if you haven’t listened to the Magic State of Mind Interviews go and do that now!

International Magic Convention Reports

Having got out of the blogging habit I forgot to post a link to my Internation Magic Convention reviews that I wrote for Magic Convention Guide, it was a fantastic convention, in a great location. The Flicking Fingers were amazing, and to spend an hour in the company of Juan Tamariz is always good! Anyway if you like and you haven’t seen it already you can read my ramblings:

Friday Night