Sonata E-Book: Joe Pecore has written a Magic E-Book full of great ideas, including a brilliant assembly with a good storyline to match, a version of twisting the aces combined with Paul Harris’ Bizzare Twist, Cups and Balls with Playdoh, and a good Coins Across routine, and those are only the ones I have played with! How much is this going to cost? Well thats the magical thing all Joe asks is for a donation to the Leukemia society, you can use PayPal, or for us UKers you can print a form from Joe’s website and mail it to the USA. I can see this is going to be the way forward for Magical publishing, letting people get their ideas and creations to the masses with little or no cost, and Joe has done a generous thing of making his book Donation-Ware and for such a good cause… go and buy it!