In this weeks edition of the Radio Times there is an article on Magical websites, probably following the fact that David Blaine is over here in the UK to promote the release of his specials on video. Basically they gave out a load of magical sites, where you could go and get tricks etc. The problem is some of these sites are actually GOOD! Like the Coin Purse for example, gives out really good coin tricks, the problem then? These sites are not password protected! If you are going to give out magical secrets on the web, at least protect them with some sort of magicians-only quiz, or even better make it closed access where you have to contact the website owner for access. Anyway enough of my moaning, I will blog the links that appeared in the RT here for you to look at:

David Blaine Link
Emazdad the Magician (poster to UKMagic)
Magic Room Dealers
Buy some Magic Sets
Magictricks UK Online Magic store
International Conservatory of Magic
Magicland Beginners Section
Online Encyclopedia of Magic
Magic Interactive
Coin Purse
Card Trick Central
Some Clever Psychic Stunts
The done-to-death Online Princess Card Trick