My ISP Karoo have decided to change their pricing plans. They have just changed over from being run by Kingston-Internet to being run by Kingston Communications. For those of you interested, I live in a City called Kingston-Upon-Hull (the only City in the UK to have the Kingston title apart from Kingston-Upon-Thames!) and we are lucky enough to have our own phone company Kingston Communications. With me so far! So I was with a service called Karoo Xtra which I paid 15 pounds a month for, and I could use our own 01482 local call number to dial the internet which costs 5p for unlimited time. Now they have put that service up to 25 pounds a month!! Also they have introduced Karoo Anytime which is 29.99 a month which gives the elusive un-metered access 24/7… or Karoo Freetime which for 9.99 a month gives you unmetered on an evening and weekends… ahhhhrghh the choices! I think in the end I’ll go for Karoo Anytime for un-metered access, as I use it enough… and it means a distinct possibility of a web-cam for this site!! (don’t all cheer at once!) But the thing is I can go for something like RedHotAnt which offers unmetered access for 20 pounds a year, but on sites like ISP Review it doesn’t get a good rating, with constant engaged tones and 100+ tries to get through! So I think I’ll stick with the local option.