I signed a petition today at our Church Service for people in Nigeria as the government are trying to get everyone to adopt Sharia Law. Basically this is the law that is fundemental to Islam. The Religion is the state, so any politics or law making that goes on is all tied in with their religion, which as Christian I can see that this is soooo wrong. Your faith, or even lack of it, should be your personal decision, the state should be a completly seperate body with no religious views. The women are the hardest hit, you can read about some of the ridiculous things that they have to abide by in the Fatawas Regarding Women. Basically Women are not allowed to go out unless they are fully covered from head to toe, and accompanied by a male. They cannot look at anybody that is not a member of their own family. I am religious, and I REALLY don’t want to denigrate other peoples religions or beliefs, but hello.. 21st Century anybody? If thats what the Islamic Religion is about you can stick it! Trying to force your religion onto someone is well out of order if you ask me.