The Art of an Illusionist – Guest Post

The Art of An Illusionist

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of an illusionist? The word is used to describe a person who performs stage magic to entertain audiences.  Many of us have witnessed them perform by making an object levitate, make things disappear and reappear, cut someone in half, turn an apple into a bird, or making a handkerchief disappear. We enjoy magic shows like The Carbonaro Effect and watched movies such as The illusionist.

We all rely on our senses so logically we know what we have seen is not real. We begin to doubt if we see what we saw, but the popular proverb ‘’what is worth seeing is worth believing’’ helps us arrive at a logical conclusion that what we just witnessed happened.

An illusionist is trained to read signals and follow people’s thought process. They use skilful methods of exploiting awareness, misdirecting of attention, and distorting perceptions to perform tricks that give illusion its meaning. They utilise psychological principles to create a rare form of entertainment with their performance. However, understanding how these tricks works do not diminish their brilliance and potential to be extremely entertaining.

You know a secret method is hidden when they perform just like when a magician. Illusionists use methods that you cannot see because they make it invisible to the audience. It’s there to be explored and controlled by the illusionist to amuse and entertain the audience. Without this, we would not have illusionists.

Where do Illusionists Perform?

Illusionists perform on a variety of stages and gatherings. They have opportunities to perform in the event industry. They can perform at corporate events, exhibitions, conferences, meet and greet events and also at private events like weddings, Birthdays and Dinner parties. Are you planning to host an event? Hiring an event illusionist is a great idea to create a rare form of entertainment for your guests. You cannot miss with an illusionist!

They create astonishing performance and give your guests an unforgettable memory. Most people have not had a close-up experience of an illusionist. They may have watched David Blaine perform breathtaking tricks on TV but have not had a real experience. This is why you need to hire an illusionist if you are planning an event this year.

One major reason why illusionists are not so common as musicians and other performance arts is that it is a skill that takes a lot of time and dedication to master. Whatever the event may be, hiring an illusionist is will make a perfect sideshow for your main event.

Hiring an Illusionist?

If you are planning an event or party in 2020 and you want to hire an illusionist for a party to wow your guests, there are several options available to you.