Still Alive!

So we are back, after a slight hiatus… if anyone is still reading and cares! We have a new look, an updated version of nucleus and still some work to do to finish things off. If anyone noticed we suffered a slight hack, so for now the various external scripts (media, guestbook etc) are gone probably won’t return. Also we have comment control installed as I suffered a few thousand comment spams, and they are still coming in now, but get blacklisted automatically I hope! You are still free to post comments, but anything on posts over 30 days old has to be moderated by me. As stated still a bit of work to do, things to add, change and update, but this will be the new look. Also planning to do more writing rather than just post links like in the past… inspired by the really cool magic blogs that are now appearing…

In case anyone was wondering the last year has been weird, got made redundant, got a new job and spent the last six months working really hard, and still am! Only down side to the job is I have to take my holidays in school holiday time, which messes up going to magic conventions Also studying really hard for some industry recognised web qualifications for the longer term plan. So not much time for magic, or the blog, which explains the lack of posting, hope I’m forgiven, and hope to rectify that in some small way.

Let me know what you think to the new look, and if anything is broken/needs changing, bear with me over the next few weeks as I tweak it and add new things, and watch out for some new posts.