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Secrets of Magic Forum: Are you looking for a magic site with a solid community? At SOMF, we have everything, we do everything, we talk about everything. The rules are simple, help each other!

If you are stuck on a certain effect, can’t get a presentation right, or just need to ask a question, then sign up now!
We have forum sections on everything ranging from Presentation and Reviews, to Coin Effects and DIY Magic. You are entitled to full free speech on SOMF, in-fact, it is encouraged! We take a different view of magic online at SOMF, if you are interested in magic, or are learning magic, or even a professional, you should be able to ask for help and advice from other magicians, without fear of being told “You can’t ask that hear!”.

We are full of magicians ranging from Hobbyists to Professionals. We do get people coming in to just learn David Blaine or Criss Angel’s newest effect, but these people are usually to lazy to sign up in the first place, let alone read through the forum.

It is encouraged to try and help as many people as you can, and in return you will get help yourself. Need some opinions on your newest trick? Don’t have a solid presentation? Looking for that one effect to add to your repertoire? If you want to learn magic then this is the place. Please try and help other members as much as you can, and you in turn will receive help when needed!