New Blogs & Blogging

The Cull: Tim Ellis recently culled his list of referring magic blogs, and added some new ones, two I would particularly like to mention are:

  • Fun Incorporated – the new blog of Fun Inc. and the Royal Magic line talking about new products and the latest happenings at the company.
  • Pursuit of Magic – a particular welcome back to Steve Pellegrino who as well as running the Ellusionist blog I mentioned in an earlier post has restarted his own personal magic blog.

Tim has kindly also linked to Watching Magic which brings me again to the topic of site updates, I read a post today on Simon Collison’s blog about the state of blogging which kind of captured my thoughts, this year has seen me much more involved in the social-software side with facebook, twitter, flickr and the tumblelog, coupled with my problem of using this site for anything other than magic related posts. This may or may not change, you might start to see more unrelated general posts on here, just as a way to get me back to writing and posting again, possibly…