Michael Close launches new magic forum

Why another Magic Forum?

Lisa and I have started a new venture – an Internet forum for magicians. There are, of course, several forums out there already. It is my dissatisfaction with these existing forums that prompted the development of this new forum. In the early 1990s, I was one of the people who helped Joe Stevens with the start-up of his Gemini Board. At the time, I was excited by the possibilities that the Internet held for useful, stimulating, and creative discussion. Unfortunately, this type of discourse rarely appeared; instead, topics were sidetracked by inane responses, misinformation, or personal attacks.

The ForWorkersOnly Forum is an attempt to live up to the potential that the Internet offers, bringing together magicians who are serious about improving their magic performances and who are willing to participate in lively, informative discussions. To keep out the troublemakers and the merely curious there will be a small subscription fee (but wait until you hear the deal we have for you!) and all members of the forum will post using their real names.

Here are just some of the things we have planned for the forum:

Product reviews. Since leaving my post at MAGIC magazine in 2005, I have heard from many, many magicians that they miss my reviews. (I review books for Genii, but only three times a year.) I said I would never go back to reviewing books, tricks and DVDs again, but I’ve changed my mind. I’ll be looking at most of the products that are sluicing down the great magic product trough. What makes this feasible for me is that I won’t be facing a