Marlo – It’s All in the Cards

David Solomon is all set to release an extremely exciting 2 disc DVD set which is a must for all lovers of card magic. Its a brand new documentary entitled “Marlo – It’s All in the Cards” and not only features the Maestro himself but many of the inner Chicago cardician group. There is previously unseen Marlo footage, a full documentary of his life in card magic plus a host of renowned Marlo students performing material. A full list of contents at the bottom of this post.

Dave filmed some of the trick section when I was in Chicago for TSD and showed some of the Marlo footage, from the previews I have seen it is a wonderful collection of footage for those of us who never had the opportunity to meet Marlo, and also for those that did! I believe that he is only selling direct through his web site, where the 2 disc set can be pre-ordered at a discounted price.

Featuring commentary by Marlos closest students Two-DVD Set Includes:

Part 1: The History

  • Documentary of Ed Marlos life in card magic
  • Historic footage of Ed Marlo performing a collection of his original card effects and sleight of hand (including Devilish Miracle, Unbelievable Aces and Cards To Pocket, Open Prediction and a sequence of 8 perfect riffle Faro Shuffles)
  • First-hand stories highlighting Marlos unique personality
  • Bonus historic footage of Ed Marlo, Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon at SEAM Convention 1982 filmed by James Lewis

Part 2: The Card Effects

  • Marlos students perform and explain card effects inspired by their mentor.