Magicians Movie – Press Release

“From the hottest new British comedians Mitchell and Webb and the creators of the award-winning ‘Peep Show’ comes MAGICIANS. Subscribe now to the official podcast for all the best previews, interviews and behind the scenes exclusives.

Lifelong friends Harry and Karl (David Mitchell and Robert Webb) are the greatest magic double act in the country. But after a guillotine illusion goes horribly and spectacularly wrong, their friendship and their careers are finished. Now, down on his luck and out of cash, Harry sets his sights on the prize money of the prestigious ‘International Magic Shield’ tournament. But to win he will have to compete against the world’s oddest (and saddest) magicians – including his deadly rival Karl, performing under the guise of ridiculous psychic ‘The Mindmonger’. Can new tricks and a new assistant (Jessica Stevenson from ‘Confetti’ and ‘Spaced’) help Harry to triumph over his underhanded opponents and his disastrous past?

Starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb (Peep Show), Jessica Stevenson (Confetti, Shaun of the Dead, Spaced), Darren Boyd (Green Wing) and Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It).”

The movie is released on the 18th May, and to celebrate there is a competition for a chance to be on the DVD performing a magic trick. All you have to do is upload a video of yourself performing a trick and post it on the myspace page. See the MySpace page for the T&C. Also whilst you are there make sure you view the videos for some humourous tricks performed by Mitchell and Webb.

The Official Channel 4 Site has a trailer, picture gallery and more information.

This is the official trailer for the movie, it looks very funny, and watch out for various cameo appearances from some familar magical faces: