I Photography Competion

The Cuso I Photography Competition: Alejandro is running a magical card related photography competion over at his blog, details from him as follows:

Today the I Photography Competition begins. If you are a magician, flourisher, cardist, xcmer, poker player, sleight of hand artist, cheater, playing card collector, or you just like taking photos you have a chance to Wynn, ehmm… i mean win these cool prizes:

1st place: 12 Decks of Wynn Playing cards (6 red / 6 Blue)
2nd place: 8 Decks of Wynn Playing cards (4 red / 4 Blue)
3rd place: 4 Decks of Wynn Playing cards (2 red / 2 Blue)

I’ve made a deal with John (AceKing Playing Cards) and he will ship the cards to the winners once they are decided. So please give thanks to him for these great prizes (and to me for paying them! ).

These are the rules:

-Only one pic per participant.
-The pic must contain at least a playing card or a deck of cards or anything related to playing cards (symbols, court guys running around or whatever).
-Only submisions to thecuso@gmail.com with the subject My Photo will be allowed for the contest.
-Emails must include your full name and nickname/screen name (if you have).
-Deadline is 29 February 2008.

There will also be runner ups for these categories:

Funniest pic: If you think you have THE pic that would make us laugh our asses out.
Most Artistic: If your pic has the best colours, lights or photoshop effects.
Most Original: If you did Pandora while jumping off a bridge bungee style.

The 3 runner ups will get my Nebula tutorial and some other unreleased clips of me.