Full 52 TV Episode 6 →

Dave Forrest of Full 52 is ramping up his Youtube Channel into something he calls Full 52 TV. Go and subscribe to the channel if you don’t already. He runs regular competitions with some amazing give-aways as well as teaching free tricks. It was a real pleasure to spend some time with Dave and Andi Gladwin at the recent Southport IBM Convention. During the convention Dave filmed this recent Episode, you can watch Part 1 and Part 2 where Andi will teach you a great handling of Chicago Opener, you get a chance to win his Master Pushoff DVD, and you might even catch me lurking in the background, and at one point I was even behind the camera, filming John Archer’s hilarious antics, it was all I could do to keep the camera straight from laughing, so thanks for trusting me with that Dave, and please go and subscribe to the channel, tell him The Magician blog sent you!