Friendfeed for Magicians

Anyone else here on Friendfeed?

In case you don’t know, Friendfeed is a new social site made by ex-google employees, you can see an introduction and explanation on Wikipedia:

Recently they have implemented a Rooms function:

I have setup a magicians room here:

If you are into any of the Web2.0 sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Google Reader, or any of the other 30+ sites that Friendfeed picks up, sign up for a Friendfeed account, add those services and then you can re-share that information or post it directly using the friendfeed bookmark into the magicians room, and share the magic based content you come across on a daily basis with all the other participants who can then comment and discuss the content in the room, I think its almost like having a huge collaborative blog that anyone with a friendfeed account can post too, pulling in content from these services or starting there own discussions, so you get the best of Youtube (you can watch the clips directly on the site), the best blog posts via google reader or tumblr or or people’s twitter comments or Flickr photos or Yahoo Upcoming events etc.

If anyone wants to add me on Friendfeed I am here:

And any questions on how this might work let me know.