FISM 2006: Winners

Grand Prix Stage – Pilou – France
Grand Prix Close-up – Rick Merrill – USA

1st: Dai Binchun – China
2nd: David Soysa – Portugal
3rd: Arthur Trace – USA

General Magic:
1st: Eun Gyeol Lee – Rep. of Korea
2nd: Die Zauderer – Germany
3rd: Dion – Netherlands

Micro Magic:
1st: Martin Eisele – Germany
2nd: Shawn Farquhar – Canada
3rd: David Stone – France

Card Magic:
1st: Helder Guimaraes – Portugal
2nd: Lodewijk de Widt – Netherlands
3rd: Kiko – Spain

Parlour Magic:
1st: Gaston – Germany
2nd: Shawn Farquhar – Canada
3rd: Julia Guilhern – France

Stage Illusions:
1st: Sittah – Netherlands
2nd: Hugo Valenzuela – Argentina
3rd: Marc & Alex – Germany

1st: Not Awarded
2nd: Timothy Trust & Julie – Germany and Juan Ordeix – Argentina
3rd: Robert & Emiel – Netherlands and Jean Thomas Loewe

Most Original Act:
Stage: Hugo Valenzuela – Argentina
Close-up: Rocco – USA

Comedy Presentation:
Die Zauderer – Germany
Mikael Szanyiel – France
Rick Merrill – USA
Stonkel – Germany

Matheiu Bich – France
Pierric – Switzerland
Ross Mickael et Bethy – France
Cesaral Magic – Spain

Special Awards:
Las Vegas Contract: Eun Gyeol Lee
France/Monaco COntract: Sittah
London Contract: Mikael Szanyiel
Swedish Magic Circle: Pilou & Rick Merrill