FISM 2006: Sunday 30th

Sunday started with a continental breakfast in the hotel restaurant, then we embarked on a sight-seeing boat trip entitled under the bridges of stockholm which was an excellent way to see the islands and some beautiful buildings, we had an audio commentary for the 2-hour trip, and you can see from some of the photos how picturesque it is.

We then tested the journey to the convention center, which is easy enough for us as the central station is right outside the Radisson, we have got a train ticket for the week so you just hop on and its about 3 stops to the convention centre. We registered, and then took the train back to the hotel and decided to walk to the Vasa Museum which luckily stayed open till 6.00, so we got to see the Vasa, which is a 17th Century ship that sank on its maiden voyage, which was then salvaged in 1961 and the museum opened. Again I have added a few photos to flickr, and you can see some more on the website, but it doesn’t really do it justice, if you are ever in Stockholm you have to see this!

So with aching feet and legs we walked back to the hotel, and had a nice meal across the road this evening and back to the hotel to upload photos and blog this, and check the programme for tomorrow, looks like it starts with a Kevin James lecture for me, then onto the close-up then the opening ceremony, the nordic show and then the civic reception tomorrow evening. Another great day to celebrate the 6th Birthday of this blog, so expect another post and more photos tomorrow!