Dominatricks is Tyler Wilson’s new book published by Andi Gladwin. I will hopefully try and do a full review later, but for now, two words: BUY IT! Ok you might be saying but who is this Tyler Wilson? I first became aware of him through TSD and his submissions to the forum and to Genii and MAGIC magazine. I hadn’t met him till Andi brought him over for The Session convention, and I was blown away. Tyler is a very tall, very hairy, very canadian, very funny, very talented fella… during his part of the close-up show at The Session he did a three card revelation with two strong revelations and one reveal that had my crying with laughter, I won’t reveal it here but if you get a chance to see him do this, don’t eat or drink at the same time

Tyler also lectured during the convention, and one of the stand-out effects for me was his addition to Card Warp (Scarred Warp) which is in the book. This for me was the most logical, perfect addition to the trick, using just the two cards, and I am thankful I got to see it before I learnt the secret. Just like when I first saw Card Warp back in High School, once again I was blown away, this for me is worth the price of the book. Add to that some very cool moves, Tylers versions of The Tent Vanish, Tilt, Rub-a-Dub. And then there are his routines, Tyler has versions of the Ambitious Card, Card Sandwich, Open Travellers, Triumph, Card Transposition, but each routine has been given a new lease of life, a breath of fresh air, not only in method, but most importantly (for me at least!) in presentation and effect. Stand out items for me are his Card Warp, as mentioned, the Triumph revelation and his Ambitious Card, and also his mentalism trick Stick it to the Man which appeared in a recent Genii.

The books production values are fantastic, and for Andi’s first publication I think he can be very proud, the layout, cover and contents are striking and modern, yet don’t detract from teaching the material, and the inclusion of the CD is a very nice touch, it includes performance clips of the sleights, PDFs for you to print some of the required props from the book, and a PDF of the book for you Left Handed people, with I hasten to add, a very nice suprise from a certain Jack Parker.

I’m still trying to find time to really do the material justice, so I will try and put up a fuller review in due course, but for now do your self a favour and pick up this book, if you have never heard of or seen Tyler, you are in for a real treat, and if you have some knowledge of his creative output, you should need no further prompting.

Dominatricks – An Andi Gladwin Publication (£20/$35).