Dead? No just pining for the fjords.

Rumours of our death have been slightly exaggerated, but thanks to Tim for the prompt to post at least a holding message.

Once again life has taken over and posting hasn’t happened for a while, I refer the gentle reader to the about page and plead guilty to neglecting my duties. So whats been happening and whats coming up, without boring you too much, I am now a CIW Associate which meant quite a bit of studying culminating in a week long study session down in Wolverhampton, followed by an online exam… so my brain is a bit fried… I now continue on to hopefully become a Master CIW Designer :-/ Then I had to finish up publishing the next issue of The Oracle including extra tribute material to Arthur. So all in all a busy couple of months.

I have still been monitoring magical happenings, and have a list of stuff to post about, as well as what promises to be a great e-book review, so keep checking back, we are still alive!