Blackpool 2008: Arrival

Arrived at Blackpool, rained hard on the way, just checked in, staying across the road from The Ruskin and round the corner from the winter gardens. Just about to go and register and have a look round dealers before the list of lectures start, will try and get to them all (I will miss the close-up which I do most years anyway) and will hopefully report back later.

Just grabbing a sandwich and coffee in hotel room, and typing this on the EEE thanks to somebody’s open router (not paying 10/24hr for hotel wifi, when will hotels learn that we expect free wifi now it should be as part of your experience as getting a TV and coffee facilities!)

Three new sites to list, first two of my fellow bloggers who will probably do a better job of keeping you up-to-date:

Naquada – Andrew Webb
Matt Parro

I will try and twitter throughout as well, you can see my twitter badge on the right of the blog.

Lastly on the counter of the hotel were some leaflets advertising a new magic site… Magic Mag says they are a new online magic magazine, launching on Feb 28th, with 8 issues a year in PDF format for 7.50. More on that later I guess after the launch, anyway thats it for now off to get my tickets and free book!