James Munton has opened a new youtube video site, from his post on The Magic Cafe:

I got frustrated trying to search YouTube for good magic videos. You have to wade through the thousands of bedroom magicians doing awful card tricks.

So I put together a website that allows people to post their favorite YouTube (and Google) magic videos. They are categorized and searchable.

My hope is that magicians will post their favorite YouTube videos and we will build a collection of videos that will be a great resource. Imagine you are working on a C&B routine. You do a search for “Cups and Balls” and in one place you get to see every good C&B routine.

By opening it up to allow everyone to register and post their favorite videos, I’m hoping to quickly build this into a great resource. There are already a bunch of great videos that folks have posted that I hadn’t seen before.

So please check it out and I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have to help make it better.

Oh, yes, perhaps I should give you the link: