TrickMaster Site: Blatant rip-off site, at least I suppose he password protected it! But once inside there are quite a few secrets exposed, why do people feel the need to do this, probably some little kid who has just learnt HTML and has probably only just started in Magic and trawls alt.magic.secrets looking for stuff. When will they learn that this only harms magic, and gives it a bad name. Personally I think the web is a GREAT tool for Magic, as we can discuss the art with Magicians from all over the world almost instantly, but this power has got to be respected… I guess you are always going to get the people that abuse this though. The only real way that you could put an end to this is for the dealers to stop selling Magic to every man and his dog. At present you don’t need any form of identification to buy Magic over the Web, what we need is some recognised code that you are a practicing Magician. This will never happen however as most of the dealers are only interested in selling to the Hobby Magician who always wants the latest stuff (me included some times!) and has the money but maybe not the Magical Knowledge or Respect for the secret and power that they are buying into. Anyway thats my rant over, I only Blogged this site so I could have a good rant, and to show you how appalling it is! (link courtesy of Ben Harris).