Prince Charles Accident: So the prince has fractured a bone whilst out Fox Hunting. Shame he didn’t snap his neck and die a horrible slow death like the poor fox would have! Don’t get me started on the Monarchy, how out of touch can you be. Not withstanding the fact that this little accident made headline national news, and not withstanding the fact he was Foxhunting, there MUST be more important things happening in the world. Hereditary rule is such an undemocratic system, to be born into running our country, we don’t even get a say in the matter. And what do this so called Monarchy do for our country, bugger all as far as I can see… This plus the incident with the Queen killing that Bird last year, just caps it all. The report also says that his two sons were with him, good way to bring up your children if you ask me, especially as one could be our King one day. Get rid of the lot of them! Did you see the Queens speech on TV this Christmas, another fine example of how out of touch she is… It makes me so mad!