SiteUpdate: You may have notices some additions down the left hand side, namely ‘Amazon Wish List’, ‘Current Status’ and ‘Current Poll’s’. The first two are fairly easy to understand, the Current Status just tells you the reader a bit more about what I am currently reading, listening too, and practicing in regards to Magic. The newest feature to the site is the Current Poll’s where I will be running Poll’s or Voting Booth’s for you to vote on various questions, if anyone has any good quesitons please let me know. Also I will start adding articles to the Article Manager and Links to the Link manager asap. Lastly the site design may change slightly, basically I have just stuck things onto the site as links, but I will try and tidy it up soon and move a few things around. Does anyone have a feeling about the Weblogs Banner ad thing at the top of the site, I’m not sure if I like it there or not… my banner is in the exchange so if you see it let me know! Lastly when I get paid at the end of this month I will be changing servers, to increase speed and reliability!