Well to cheer me up I checked out Blackpool Magicians’ Club and their new website and it gives tentative details about their 50th convention to be held 22-24th Feb 2002. All I can say is if the programme holds half of what they are saying then this will be a convention you do NOT want to miss! Check out the names, Juan Tamariz, Lennart Green, Jay Sankey, David Williamson, Simo Aalto, Bob Sheets, Michael Ammar, Jeff McBride (subject to Las Vegas Contract), Peter Marvey (doing his flying!), Jim Cellini, Joe Pasquale, Juliana Chen etc. What a line up! Plus if you pre-register with a Gold Card you get a free ‘Blackpool Bafflers’ book featuring routines and a look back on the last 49 conventions. All I can say is where do I sign-up, I will be there, and this time Andi I won’t be going to bed so you have been warned