Happy Birthday: The magician.org.uk weblog is officially one year old today, which also means its my 24th Birthday (man I feel old!)… You can go back and read 12 months worth of posts in the archives. In this time we have changed from the free server at F2S over to a paid server at Xcalibre. Hopefully this has meant more reliability, stability and peace of mind. We have also changed design over to a more conservative one, where content is king.

Which brings me to the next point on the agenda, expect a couple of suprises over the coming weeks/months, hopefully another new design will be on the horizon, nothing earth shattering, it will stick to the minimalist look but will hopefully give me a chance to develop my CSS skills a little more. One of the reasons for this blog is a place for me to test my PHP and other related webskills. The other being the obvious one of a place to store all the sites that I run across in my daily use of the Internet. The next big thing for the blog after the redesign may happen in a few weeks or so, Blogger has been blooming marvellous over the past year, it has been and remains a great way to instantly publish to a website. But I wanted a PHP challenge and Peter persuaded me to help/hinder? him in writing a new CMS, but I can’t say too much at the moment.

Hopefully though it will allow me to expand the blog to talk more about other things that happen in my life besides Magic related stuff (wow won’t that be thrilling reading!) as I know I really don’t say a lot in the blog besides linking to sites, but that has been a semi-concious decision up to now. Also I hope to bring more news/technology related links into it as technology does play a large part in my life. Lastly I hope to make it easier for other people to contribute to the blog if they so wish, and I may see if I can recruit a few people to do just that, who knows!

I would really like to thank all the readers who have graced these pages over the last year, I think it is fair to say I don’t really know my readership at all, if I have any? I can see from the referer stats that we get a lot of search engine referrals, but I don’t know if I have any regular (daily/weekly/monthly?) readers… if you are out there and you do read this blog on any kind of basis do me a favour and sign the GuestBook (which btw is about to be updated to the new version) or comment on this post by using the comments link below. Tell me what you like/dislike about the blog, and what you want to see more of… you can also contribute as well, if you have a link to a magic/juggling/origami (or anything on those lines) related site that I haven’t covered then let me know, use the contact link. Not that I mind if I have any kind of readership, the purpose of the blog was always a personal one to keep track of sites and to practice web skills, but it is nice to know that occasionally people might make use of it.

Anyway I am off for some sleep, as I am getting old now I will try and make this a special day for the blog by blogging as much as I can.