Hit or Stand: Blackjack Game and Trainer, written in Flash, you get to play Blackjack and the computer teaches you based on your moves and shows you what is right and wrong. If your interested in Blackjack then some other links are Stanford Wong’s BJ21 forum, where you can read the free forum or subscribe. Blackjack 2002 gives you rules, tips and terminology. All About Blackjack talks about card counting, shuffle tracking, the social issues and strategies. Finally Black Jack Info offers a basic strategy engine to calculate custom charts.

All this searching was inspired by my tinkerings with Bob Farmer and Harold Cataquet’s Black Jack stacks that have been appearing in Bob’s new Flim-Flam corner in Genii an excellent stack that acts like the Jonah 10 Card Poker deal, which has just been exposed in The Telegraph in an article trying to debunk Derren Brown of all things!