2 Years On…

Wow… it has come around again, today the blog is 2 years old, and I am cough..25..cough..

As you can see the blog has a new template which I have been testing for the past couple of days, and it now runs on the Nucleus Content Management System.

Please let me know if you have any problems with the template or the new system.

I’ve been very happy with Blogger, but I just felt that having a PHP host and not running my own CMS was a bit of a waste, and it also gives me better control, and more flexibilty, and in a months time Nucleus will also run the HMC site.

I can’t honestly believe that this blog has lasted two years, sometimes posting has been sparse (although I don’t think a week has lapsed that I haven’t posted something!?) and as I keep saying I don’t really do this for anyone but myself, to keep track of Magic links, although if anyone else happens to look in you are More than welcome. I don’t think I really want too much attention or publicity for the site, if people happen to stumble across it thats great, and thats how it should be I think with a blog of this nature.

So here is to another year running on this new system, and new look, next is to get the HMC site up and running. Please take your time to look back over the two years of archives, and I will try and blog as much as I can today between the beer and partying!