If your in the market for a new set of cups for the Cups and Balls then check out the Selecting a set of Cups page from James Riser, who is a performer and a Machinist. He compares all the different cups on the market and gives you a frank review with some great photos. Personally I have never done the Cups and Balls, and the only way I think I would do it, to fit my character is to use Coffee Mugs or Polystyrene Cups and probably rolled up banknotes or paper. I just think those nice shiny cups and crochet balls scream PROP! I like to try and use everyday objects where at all possible. I read that Paul Gertner has a nice way of making a Chop Cup from a Coffee Mug in his recently re-printed book ‘Steel and Silver’. I think I might look at trying David Williamsons two cup routine with Coffee Mugs or Vending Machine Cups, or maybe even Bob Farmers Cyclops routine. The only drawback being that if using Mugs you need a routine where you don’t have to stack the cups!