RANTMODE: BTCellnet Had an interesting conversation with BTCellnet this dinner time, basically I had a Cellnet PAYG phone which I gave to my Sister when I swapped my phone for a Nokia 3210 on 121… She was talking to her best friend, who incidentally rang her, and suddenly she got cut off, and her phone had lost all her credit, which was about 4.50ukp. So she rang BTCellnet, and explained, and they said they would have to get an engineer to look into it… cut to a few weeks later, one of her first days at University and she was in Safeways shopping, when they rang her mobile, she told them it was not a good time. I think she eventually got the 4.50ukp out of them. Then I got this call today, apparently they have looked into the problem, and at first couldn’t find anything, and then suddenly they found that according to them she only lost about 2.40ukp… so they could issue her with a 2.50ukp voucher, so I got a bit angry with them asking if there was any compensation for the time she lost use of her mobile etc. But no we can’t do that Sir! So much for customer care! In their words “We only issue 2.50ukp vouchers” for a company that is predicted to make a 300million profit upto March 2001 you think they would invest in a little Customer Care… in fact if they sorted their network so people couldn’t chip their phones, and steal their profits or even use fake credit card numbers to get credit then they might be able to invest a little into making sure these problems don’t happen, the guy on the phone said he still didn’t know why it happened, glad to know that they have the experts working for them! Anyway she is thinking of changing her phone to One2One so thats some comfort. /RANTMODE